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Caroso's TestOrod - 60 Tablets



    Do you want help to increase your energy levels, build big, strong muscles or improve your sex life and stamina?

    Whether you’re in the gym, on the sports field or in the bedroom, maintaining normal testosterone levels in your body is important for performance. So if you want to increase your energy levels, build big, strong muscles or improve your sex life and stamina, Caruso’s TestOrod may be just what you need.

    Testosterone in your body 
    Caruso’s TestOrod contains high potency doses of Testofen® (Fenugreek extract), Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 which may help maintain normal, healthy testosterone levels in your body. 

    Clinical study on energy, muscle development and libido 
    An Australian double blind, randomised, placebo controlled study1 based on the above ingredients, used in exactly the same proportions as found in Caruso’s TestOrod has been undertaken. This study, over a six week period, involved 54 men completing a questionnaire on their experiences with either the active formula or a placebo. Twenty seven (27) people took the active formula and 27 people took the placebo. It was reported by those taking the active formula that:

    • Energy improved in 77.8% of all cases
    • Muscle mass improved in 63.0% of all cases
    • Muscle strength improved in 66.7% of all cases
    • Male libido improved in 85.2% of all cases
    • Sexual performance improved in 77.8% of all cases
    • Stamina improved in 51.2% of all cases

    If Caruso’s TestOrod has worked so well for these people, imagine what it may do for you, when it also contains Panax ginseng, Avena sativa and Urtica.

    Overcome stress, fatigue, weakness and tiredness
    If you lead an active lifestyle, you don’t want stress and fatigue to get in the way. With Panax ginseng, Caruso’s TestOrod may help relieve the symptoms of stress and fatigue. Panax ginseng may also be used as a restorative agent for exhaustion and tiredness. 

    Improve your strength 
    Working out hard should improve your strength and help you build big, strong muscles. The good news is Caruso’s TestOrod may be able to help you get stronger. The strong therapeutic doses of Zinc and Magnesium in Caruso’s TestOrod may improve your strength, muscle metabolism and efficiency.

    Choose Caruso’s TestOrod for your immunity 
    The more time you can spend in the gym the better and Caruso’s TestOrod may be able to help keep you there. With its dose of Zinc, Caruso’s TestOrod may be beneficial for wound healing and may assist with your normal immune function. Panax ginseng may help with your immunity as well. Plus it may help with your mental performance, so you can stay as sharp as ever!

    Improve your sex drive, stamina and sexual performance
    Caruso’s TestOrod contains the special SEX herb Panax ginseng and Avena sativa. Panax ginseng may enhance your sex drive and sexual performance while Avena sativa and Panax ginseng may increase your energy and stamina.

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