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Caruso's King Krill 2000mg - Capsules


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    King Krill 2000mg

    King Krill is now available in 2000mg!

    The many health benefits of Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg 
    The krill oil in the quality Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg formula may assist with the pain, stiffness and joint inflammation of Arthritis. The mega dose Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg helps support your Heart and Cardiovascular system. It may also help maintain healthy Cholesterol levels in normal healthy individuals. Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg may assist with maintaining healthy cognitive function, healthy mood levels and Eye health. Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg may even assist in the healthy development and maintenance of your Nervous system. Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg may also provide relief from the symptoms of PMS.

    Why is Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg so good?
    Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg is of the highest quality and potency of krill oil available. Like fish oil, Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg contains the Omega-3 Essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA). However, this is where the similarity ends. The Mega Dose King Krill 2,000mg formula is a very rich source of Omega-3. The krill oil from Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg has a superior phospholipid structure where as fish oil has a triglyceride form making krill oil more easily absorbed by the body. Importantly, Caruso’s King Krill 2,000mg contains natural Astaxanthin and added Vitamin D3. 
    Vitamin D3 may assist with bone health. It may assist the normal formation and maintenance of healthy bone through regulating and increasing the absorption of calcium. 

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