Broth Of Life - Beef bone broth 45g

Broth of Life

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 Broth Of Life - Beef bone broth 45g

Key Benefits: Beef bone broth is known for it's healing abilities on a leaky gut and joint pain. It is rich in gelatins, vitamins and minerals. It's a perfect substitute for a cup of coffee but can be enjoyed added to just about any meal given it's dehydrated form. It is organic, paleo, nutrient dense, GAPS friendly, loaded with healing properties and plenty of flavour too.

  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Homemade in Australia
  • GAPS friendly (not FODMAP friendly, but we have a version that is)
  • Paleo friendly

Broth Of Life dehydrated bone broth is cooked in small batches with love and care with organic ingredients. It is a healing, tasty and versatile dehydrated powdered broth that retains all it's healing properties.

Made with carefully hand selected organic ingredients, including certified organic grass fed bones, the broth is simmered for a minimum of 48 hours to extract the maximum amount of nutrition from the bones.

Bone broth is known for helping to heal leaky gut and joint pain. It's rich in gelatin, vitamins and minerals. You can rehydrate with hot water and sip as a broth or use it to make soup or as flavouring in meals. Grind it up with himalayan salt to have an amazing beef flavoured salt to garnish meals.

It's nutrient dense, paleo friendly and GAPS friendly. For those following the FODMAP diet, we do also have a FODMAP version of the broth.

Size - 45g (14 serves)

How to use - Rehydrate 1 teaspoon to 100ml of water (1 serve) and sip or consume in powdered form as a seasoning.

Product Origin - Australia